anchorage consulting is now your business foundation


Anchorage Consulting is now Your Business Foundation.


I created Anchorage Consulting to provide strategic guidance to struggling SMEs. It started after my first business failed and off the back of my research into what went wrong. I finally found the common cause that connected my failed business with pretty much all those that have failed before me and since.

I detailed my findings in a free report called, Why Most businesses Fail and started Anchorage Consulting with the purpose to turn the tables on the statistics and help more businesses succeed instead of fail.

Five years later I wrote the book and created the Your Business Foundation brand with the aim to help more business owners build their business on a strong foundation.

Your Business Foundation better describes the help I provide business owners and is a trademark of Anchorage Consulting Ltd.

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I still provide high-end consultancy and if you'd like my direct help then you can still contact me at

Hope to talk to you soon.

Chris Briggs